Pieter J Van Garderen

Permaweb storage

Arkly files are stored on the Arweave permaweb network which has an innovative, one-time endowment model that funds the storage of at least 40 copies of each file for at least 200 years.

Digital curation processing

Arkly provides value-added digital curation services that are used by institutional library, archives and museum repositories to ensure the long-term accessibility of their collections. Arkly can capture batches of files from multiple sources

Fully decentralized

Arkly is a next-generation digital archives management platform that is designed for the decentralized future. There are no central servers in the Arkly ecosystem. All data is self-sovereign and user-owned. Access is restricted

DIDs + Verifiable Credentials

Multi-wallet, multi-chain Decentralized Identifiers integration. With support for anonymous Verifiable Credential APIs. All data is self-sovereign – user-owned and controlled. Arkly implements archival-grade portable data packaging and military-grade, quantum-proof encryption for all user data.

Professional standards

Arkly complies with ISO standards for record-keeping as well a number of professional digital curation standards that specify archival formats, cataloging and digital preservation metadata, digital archives responsibilities, software development and maintenance. It